Great few days

22 Apr

It really has been a great few days for training. Not completely great as I had to spend a weekend away from the wife and dogs, but great nonetheless. 

Saturday’s lovely weather inspired me to do an outdoor CrossFit WOD. It was a 6 minute AMRAP of 20 single unders, 100m sprint, 8 pull ups and 4 70kg clean & jerks. A very difficult workout, compounded by the fact I had to move all the weight 100m back to the gym after! This session, and a strict diet for 5 days now, I believe pushed me to the last 2 days’ achievements. 

I’ve managed a PR on my squat clean, my C&J, my 1.5 mile (2.4k) run, my 2 min max press ups & max sit ups and (most importantly to me) a Fran PR by 91 seconds. 

I firmly believe this continued progress is thanks to the inspiration and nutritional support of PPS Supplements, a Paleo diet and my increasing comprehension and use of the CrossFit methodology. Watch this space as I simultaneously prepare for a 40 mile endurance race!




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