The purpose of my journey: Pt 2

24 Apr

So, as I said yesterday, I was now at the stage where I could start the second phase of my plan. As with many people seeking advice and inspiration, I resorted to the Internet. After a while I stumbled across so CrossFit videos on YouTube. At this point I had never heard of CrossFit and had only recently become aware of the concepts of multi modal fitness, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and HOC (High Octane Cardio). In the initial stages, CrossFit appeared to be little different from other ideas; so I dug a little deeper.

The more videos I watched, the more it became obvious there was more on offer than meets the eye. It grew more apparent by the video that the methodology of CrossFit suited my needs [almost] perfectly. A quote from founder, Coach Greg Glassman, that really rang true was “…constantly varied functional movements at maximal intensity”. This summed up exactly what I had envisaged at the start of my trawling of YouTube.

The more videos I watched, the more I tried, deciding to approach this with a clean slate I fought hard to leave previous bad habits behind and develop correct, functional form whilst attempting to replicate the intensity I had witnessed in so many videos. A bad habit I was particularly keen to drop was my tendency to compare myself to others; there was no room for that here!

As I gradually learned, practised and honed the dozens of CrossFit movements, often singly and slowly, I realised that my physique was begging to resemble a teenage me! Now earlier I said CrossFit was almost ideal for me. Being in the military, the one area I had to slightly specialise in was running. Firstly, it is a valued component of fitness in my job, and secondly it was a serious week point of mine. Obviously the increased running was a factor in my physical change, but I firmly believe implementing the methodology of CrossFit was the driving force.

At intervals along the way, I started noticing small but significant changes in my daily life, cementing the theory of functionality. Carrying shopping to the car became a task, not a workout. Climbing stairs became a way of getting to the next floor, not a lung buster I deliberately put off. Lifting stuff from the floor to put on a shelf stopped hurting very quickly. All of this was stuff I hadn’t even considered when I was looking for a fitness plan, yet quite quickly it became almost as satisfying as my achievements in training.

As my fitness (by which I mean across a variety of disciplines) rapidly improved, so did my physique. At the start of all this madness, and still today, my goal has always been fitness related, but that does not prevent me from suffering an inflated ego due to the consequential physique on the odd occasion! I am only human after all.

Now for me to attempt to describe everything I have learned about CrossFit, a tiny fraction of the whole picture, in a single blog would take an amount of time I cannot spare, and leave me little else to blog about! What I will say is that despite the mixed opinions I have encountered, whilst building from training four times a week to two or three most days, results speak for themselves.

So, as it stands I train following CrossFit methods, some from main site and some self programmed. I run more than most CrossFitters and enter races and endurance events and I follow a strict diet and supplementation schedule 85-90% of the time. The focus of my next blog will be this diet and supplementation. For those who want a sneak peek at the latter PPS Nutrition


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