Breaking barriers

27 Apr

Today’s blog comes early. The main reason is tonight’s date night with the wife, and so my priorities are adjusted accordingly.

I am home this weekend, as I am most weekends. This changes things slightly but the principles remain the same. Last night was a cheat meal (pizza) and as such I was feeling a little lethargic this morning. I got up around half past eight and took my vitamins as usual. I then had a large breakfast of bacon and eggs, all fried in olive oil. A much smaller breakfast than usual as I knew what was left inside me from my cheat meal needed to go when I trained!

At this point, whilst drinking fruit tea, I was planning my day’s training and food. I decided that the weakness I was going to target before today’s single workout, was HSPU (Hand Stand Push Ups). I have been making progress towards these for about 3 months and with a week of PRs behind me, decided today I was going for it.

All through my morning food shop and pre workout fuelling process with SF Xtreme I was visualising how I would do it. Where in the gym I would go, how I would deal with failed attempts and how to use the progress drills I had been practicing for so long. Balance used to be a distinct weakness of mine, so I have been practicing head stands to improve. I’ve progressed this by pressing out of a headstand, trying to move through a handstand position on the way out and as this video from a couple of months ago shows, trying to develop holding strength in the bottom of the movement.

By the time I got to the gym, I knew in my head that I had all the tools to manage this movement, it was just a case of linking the parts. It took me a while to get into the start position as I don’t find being inverted a natural position, and quickly lose coordination! But I did get into position and then this happened.

With the buzz of another barrier broken, after a week of blatant barrier vandalism, I set about my WOD.

3 RFT (Rounds For Time) of:

6 135lb thrusters
8 Pull ups
12 burpees

The video is another great CrossFit instructional one which has helped me develop the movement.

I finished my session with 20 minutes of dynamic abdominal movements and holds, including plank, side plank and planche

So after all that I need fuel. Firstly some Nxtgen 5 in 1 and then half a chicken and fresh salad.

The rest of the day will consist, around household chores, of a flexibility and stretching session at home and a paleo friendly steak and veg meal whilst out on date night. A light day training wise but one that has proven; barriers can be broken, the unthinkable can be achieved and it can be done in the face of doubters!


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