Social & snacking paleo on a strange day

2 May

Well here goes with a much delayed blog. I promised to talk about paleo snacking and conforming on social occasions, and I will. Due to the strange day I have had however, I may go off track at points.

The first subject I will attempt to tackle, is sticking to paleo without causing offence. If you have tried, you will most likely know exactly what I am talking about, if not hopefully this will help a little. Regardless of whether you are heading for a romantic meal or attending a dinner party as a guest, the chances of the host having heard of paleo are slim, the odds of them having considered it are almost nil. The fact is, what was once the only way humans knew to eat, is now more extinct than the people who practised it. But we know the situation; you are going to the inlaws’ for Sunday dinner, you are in a strict period, but you don’t want to offend or appear rude. Well fortunately this is the simplest scenario. Sunday dinner is predominantly meat, quite a lot of vegetables, and roast potatoes. Quite simply, eat everything bar potatoes. For courtesy’s sake, mention the fact you don’t eat potatoes beforehand, and you will find there is plenty to fill you. Okay, that seemed simple. So what about the restaurant situation? There are many where with the best will in the world, you won’t be able to fill yourself or worse still, find a paleo option at all. Prior research will help, if you are just dining with your partner or friends, find a restaurant where you will be satisfied. Chances are the other people will still enjoy it. If you are backed into a corner and social pressure dictates a place where there appear to be no options, try calling ahead. With a little warning, they may well be able to come up with something.

I would advise, whatever the situation, to simplify what you ask for, rather than trying to explain paleo to a poor waitress over the phone. Try asking for grain, gluten, dairy and sugar free and you will most likely be okay. So what use is any of this for snacking, or even meals when you’re out and about? Well no use is the short answer. You can hardly ring a service station or a Burger King and ask for paleo. I visit many service stations where I cannot by a single piece of paleo friendly food (remember peanuts are in fact legumes, not nuts) and have to hungry. The easiest answer I have found is a snack store. Keep a few long lasting snacks in your car. My favourites are cashews, dried fruit and tins of tuna; with a ring-pull!

For any scenario, there is one other option; take a cheat meal. It doesn’t always have to be planned, so long as it isn’t every other day, it isn’t the end of the world.

At the start, I said I might go off track, and here’s why. I have not long arrived at a good friend’s house. A friend with whom a mutual respect and admiration exists and a high level of humour. This friend, however has not seen me for some eight months. Last time he saw me, a defining aspect of my character was the size of pizza I could regularly eat! This having changed beyond his belief was quite a shock, but as soon as I had outlined the basics of my lifestyle, I explained these 2 days were planned cheat days. I have accepted this and will live with it. Sometimes, the way I eat is not my priority.

So knowing I was having 2 cheat days (unbelievably rare) I had extra motivation today. Morning routine, both vitamins and breakfast, along with my new D-Aspartic acid, was the usual. In spite of my legs feeling tight and heavy, after yesterday’s competition, I need to attack a weakness in my lunch break. With time at a premium, here is today’s first WOD:

5 rounds

Max reps snatch at 40-55kg

After each round complete 10 reps of one of the following exercises:

HR Push-ups
GHD Sit-ups

This video shows the third round of snatches wearing my V3 Apparel Spartan Stringer Whilst my technique has improved tenfold over the past couple of months, this is certainly not a great how-to as of yet.

I prefuelled with my usual cocktail of PPS Nutrition products, using my faithful Nxtgen 5 in 1 afterwards. I also had cod with boiled broccoli and carrots.

We had PT this afternoon, and in readiness for Keswick 2 Barrow next weekend, I made the most of the opportunity to run 10km. This was supposed to be slow, but ended up not much below best effort. A lack of discipline on my part!



Despite my strangely quick run, I still had one planned WOD left for today

Alternate press ups and pull-ups. 1,2,3,4… Until failure. On failure, start from 1 again. Do this for 3 rounds.


This is the latest member of my Fit Train; a bunch of guys from work who wish to try the lifestyle that training CrossFit, eating paleo and supplementing PPS Nutrition has to offer. I will let you know how they get on!

For now, this has been a necessarily short blog, so next time I will pick up some points from this one and answer some twitter questions. In the mean time, train hard, fight easy!


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