Rest day discipline

4 May

Today I am going to focus on rest, a subject I hate but need to talk about. As you have probably guessed, I don’t like rest days, but as I approach the Keswick 2 Barrow, rest is becoming more important than ever.

I usually take two or three complete rest days a month, with many recovery days. Yesterday and today, however, are back to back planned rest AND cheat days. Now remember it was only ten months or so ago when every day was rest and cheat day, so naturally I think these two days are going to ruin everything! Obviously this is a ludicrous notion, but it is this mindset that means I struggle to take rest days.

Whilst it is important to take rest days, you don’t have to do nothing. Now I lead an active lifestyle, I really want to do something, and there are options:

Go for a walk, I go with the dogs and my wife and it has become an activity I look forward to.

Stretch, for the sake of flexibility and recovery. I’ve even been know to use the Wii Fit on occasion.

Go for a bike ride. No I don’t mean training, I mean a leisurely ride and actually take in some scenery for once.

Do the housework, slightly active, makes your home nicer and will help your wife love you more!

The fact is, if you enjoy training, you hate resting. But done properly, you might even enjoy it!

As for nutrition, I still take vitamins and D-Aspartic Acid. I will take one Nxtgen 5 in 1 but not any of my other supplements.

If I am on a rest day, but not a cheat day, I will follow a similar paleo plan to normal, but probably eat less. If it’s a cheat day too, enjoy it, that’s the whole idea.

So in summary, it is not natural for an athlete to be idle, but you do not have to feel guilty, and you certainly don’t have to be bored!

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