Back into it

5 May

Today, all in all, has been a good day. Despite promising myself I wouldn’t, I felt guilty after two rest and cheat days. Oh well, that just meant I was extra motivated to train and eat well today.

I started out with my combination of vitamin D, vitamin C, cod liver oil and D- Aspartic Acid followed by a breakfast of boiled eggs and bacon.

Feeling good, and happy with the nice weather, I set off food shopping. We were due to entertain in the evening, and so I went hunting and gathering – in Morrisons! Once the fuel was loaded into the fridge and cupboards, I set up ready for the day’s first WOD.

To make the most of the weather, I dragged my second hand, but free, gym mat out of the garage and set about training

Having fuelled with SF Xtreme , BCAA and CCE and following straight up with Nxtgen 5 in 1, I felt good and as if my cheat days were firmly behind me.

After a couple of hours off, I used the same fuelling routine, but with more SF Xtreme, and set off to the gym for my second WOD:

Warm up and mobility for 10 minutes followed by;

5x 3 reps dead lift (2nd set)

Then WOD;

10 rounds of 10,9,8…3,2,1 of

Bent over row at 3/4 bodyweight
Squat at bodyweight
Bench press at bodyweight

I very tiring WOD, which left me more breathless than I could have imagined! After finishing off with core strengthening, it was back home for a bath, cutting off calluses, sorting out blisters and preparing for an evening meal. I don’t consider any of these negatives, if anything they are badges of honour for my new lifestyle.

So, on to this evening’s meal; a raclette. A great and social way to entertain, stick to paleo and not offend. Freshly grilled meats and vegetables with a side salad and just the right amount. The big bonus of cooking as you go, is you don’t tend to stuff yourself!

The remainder of the evening will consist of relaxing in the sun and stretching my very tight erector spinae, which are very sore after heavy dead lifts.

If you would like any more details on today’s workouts, or indeed food, feel free to ask or follow @Bravo4205 on Twitter. Use #FitFam to join the conversation and see how my increasing number of converts are getting on. If you are looking to supplement your new lifestyle, visit PPS Nutrition and use discount code TH10%. Until next time, take care and let me know how you get on trying the WODs.


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