Sun, smiles & sprints!

6 May

What a day for training, eating and life in general. I’m pretty sure that many of you, like me, feel much more positive thanks to the weather! I certainly do, and my positive mood started as soon as I got up. I took my vitamins, shook up a dose of D-Aspartic acid and promptly took my breakfast outside to eat. As usual, it was at this point I started planning my day; jobs to do around the house, preparing for leaving for work and, of course, training! Contemplating all of this in the morning sun with a cup of fruit tea brought a little smirk to my face.

Now you might remember I mentioned how sore my back was after training yesterday, and this was still the case this morning. It is only with a bit of experience that I have learned where the fine line between injury and soreness lies, mostly! Nonetheless I was a little worried. Unperturbed, however, I headed to the gym and spent a solid 25 minutes mobilising thoroughly before I started training. My back was feeling much better already. This, as it turned out, was a good job as today’s strength/skill work was 5 sets of 3 repetitions of Clean & Jerk. A weakness I have had on the list for some time, I wanted to push hard. The first set, after warm up, went well. The bar was loaded with 70kg and I felt very comfortable. My back felt fine and, using the mirror to self coach, my ROM looked good. I confidently added weight, now at 77.5kg, and set about my second set. This did not go well, my form on the first lift was poor and on the second this happened. Obviously I was gutted and this knocked my confidence, not least because this was the ‘comfortable’ set I chose to film for you guys! In hindsight though, I’m glad it happened. In part because the newer enthusiasts amongst you realise it’s not always perfect, but also because it forced me to battle myself. After gathering my thoughts, I repeated the set. Much better form this time through, and you will be glad to hear, no falling over! With my confidence restored, I ploughed through the remaining sets to set a new 3RM (3 Rep Max) of 85kg. This is equal to my previous 1RM. Overjoyed, I was tempted to push a new 1RM, but this time I was disciplined and stuck to the plan!

It was now time for my WOD. Always my favourite bit of the day, even when today was made up entirely of weaknesses!



10 Over Head lunge with 20kg plate
5 box jumps at 32″
12 Toes to Bar (T2B)

A great workout which attacked weaknesses and got me dripping!

After this, I went to work on some core strength, holds are again on my weaknesses list! Whilst these are works in progress, not demonstrations, this video will give you an idea of the type of training I am doing, and the variety involved!

Sat in the car after training, gulping down my Nxtgen 5 in 1, I felt good. I had worked my back carefully, but hard to lessen the pain and overcome a spectacular failure to hit a PR. The logical next step was to head home for a lovely beef salad.

Since my wife had the afternoon off work, we had decided to walk the dogs on the local beach, during which I planned to do ten sets of 100m sprints. We loaded up and set off, only to find the tide almost fully in and the beach packed with bank holiday sun seekers. Not wanting to miss out on training, and the sun, we headed to a stretch of closed off road. Despite the dogs’ lack of interest, I got stuck in to my sprints; alternating one uphill, one downhill. A tiring but worthwhile session.

So as I write this now, I am sat in the back garden, tired but satisfied, wondering what to eat and not far off leaving for the week at work. I am trying to get over how sore parts of my body, my calluses, and broken nails are and look forward to the 40 mile Keswick 2 Barrow race on Saturday. Feel free to follow the link and sponsor this worthwhile event!

I will continue to post this week during the build up and, dependant on Internet coverage, at the event itself.

Until tomorrow’s blog, whatever you are training for, however you are training, or why, good luck!



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