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7 May

Why are you training? I imagine you have an image or performance related goal, or maybe you just think you ought to for your general wellbeing. Whatever your reasons, I imagine you have a role model, probably within your sport or methodology. For me to say these guys and girls aren’t inspiring would be ludicrous, I take inspiration from many of them myself. You might find it odd to hear though, that I take more inspiration from less famous people, many of them with completely different goals to me. As you know by now, I am a huge supporter of the top of the range supplements from PPS Nutrition , but what I am also a supporter of is the online Team PPS brotherhood. A collection of men and women from various training backgrounds, who share their dedication and support. I am going to use a couple of these guys as examples.

The first has one big thing in common with me, his military career. Beyond that we share little common ground in terms of our training. Ryan Coughlin is an amateur bodybuilder who recently gained 2nd place in his first ever competition. He has done it from scratch, through hard work and has used persistence to bridge the gap between average joe and success story. He may not be famous, but if he carries on the way he is going he may well be soon! I have never met him in person, only online, so all of this information is from his Tweets and I hope accurate! He is always humble and regularly shows his dedication without showing off; something I feel many celebrities do too much.

Another guy I have only met under the Team PPS hash tag is Andy Lacey, who has literally transformed his body using nutrition and disciplined training. He is now at the stage where he is passing on the knowledge to others; something I can’t help but admire.

So, now I have explained the reasons I find these, and many other, guys so inspirational, I’ll tell you about a great day and how I’ve tried to pass on my own version of inspiration.

The start of my day was, as usual, the only routine part. A serving of D-Aspartic acid accompanied my vitamins and tuna & mushroom omelette. I fuelled up with BCAA, CCE and SF Xtreme (all from PPS Nutrition ) and headed off for my run. This was a 5 mile steady state, with one of the FitTrain members, and fellow Keswick 2 Barrow competitor for this Saturday. After this we spent twenty minutes on the foam rollers easing tired and sore muscles.

After some work, which I promise I do, I completed my first WOD. This was outdoors with yet another FitTrain member


And consisted of:



10 Front squat
10 left arm KB snatch
10 pull-ups
10 push-ups
10 T2B
10 right arm KB swing

1 partner completes a round while the other rests, in relay fashion. For my partner’s first WOD, his efforts were outstanding.

Following my ever present PPS Nutrition ritual, and a 30 minute rest, we headed off for some squash. 6 of us played for 90 minutes in total. CrossFit recommends regularly learning and playing new sports, or applying fitness, an ethos with which I fully agree.


After a satisfying cod stirfry, and a little work, it was time to introduce three more FitTrain members to the CrossFit methodology.


I set up a WOD for the guys while I did some core strengthening and gymnastic hold practices.

Their WOD, which worked well as an introduction, was:

4 Rounds

15 DBThrusters
15 bent over row
15 pull-ups (scaled to jumping when needed)
15 burpees
15 box jumps

Rest 30 seconds after each round.

All in all today, I have trained with 7 FitTrain members, and watched 1 knock 40 seconds off his 2.4km (1.5 mile) run time after only a week. Watching other people go through the pain I have grown to love, and then smile like I have learned to do is a great feeling. Whilst I am happy to pass on my experiences to them, I am not a coach, teacher or nutritionist and will always point people to the same online places I have learned from. As for encouragement, I am happy to provide as much of that as breath will permit!

I hope you are inspired, not just to train but to encourage others. Please remember, any training, done properly, is beneficial and should be encouraged and admired!


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