Why not?

8 May

Well this is the second time I have sat down to write this blog, hopefully this time I will get to finish. Today’s blog will be relatively short, but hopefully still informative. Today has been a FitTrain focussed day, but one in which I have still pushed myself; hard!

I felt very positive, but quite sore, when I woke up this morning. Not an unusual feeling as of late, but a little worrying nonetheless. Tired muscles aside, I set about my usual vitamin, breakfast and D- Aspartic acid.


A lovely combination of mackerel, scrambled eggs and bacon. Simple and very tasty!

I had only planned one workout today, the CrossFit benchmark WOD – Elizabeth. A couplet of 62.5kg cleans and ring dips. The rep scheme for this is 3 rounds of 21 then 15 then 9 reps. This is a difficult workout for me, having only done it once before and cleans are a work in progress. 3 members of the FitTrain and I mobilised for about 20 minutes before giving ‘Elizabeth’ everything we had. I hit a PR, which made my day. The other 3 guys, scaled for the cleans, put in some very impressive performances and all felt a great buzz. Seeing their sense of achievement overshadowed my pride instantly!

A solid PPS Nutrition and chicken stirfry refuel was essential after this!

So this evening, as I sat to begin my blog, a knock at my door turned out to be the latest guy to jump aboard the FitTrain ready to go. “Do you fancy training this evening?” And before I knew it, “why not?” Had left my mouth and we were heading back to the gym. The workout I picked was ‘Helen’, another benchmark WOD. Whilst I had never done it before, I was eager to set a competitive time. Please remember, when I say competitive, my only competition is the me of yesterday!

Helen consists of 3 RFT of:

Run 400m
21 KB swings 1.5 pood
12 pull-ups

I loved this WOD. A great combination of metabolic conditioning (run), strength & mobility (swings) and gymnastic movement (pull-ups). All in all I was chuffed with my time, but even happier for my partner, who showed huge levels of dedication and clearly has the bug!

After all this, obviously I’m having some more Nxtgen 5 in 1 and off for dinner shortly. The content has not yet been chosen!

Whilst I hit a big PR today, my greatest satisfaction came from training with 4 different FitTrain members, and one other who did a solo WOD, and seeing all of them desperate for more; once they had stopped dry heaving!

What I have learned today is simple, I gain far more satisfaction from inspiring than achieving. I hope many of you agree and pass on your enthusiasm, irrelevant of the methodology you follow, it’s just the right thing to do!

Whatever your training consists of, enjoy it and I’ll be back during tomorrow’s recovery day and talking about the differences between intensity and quantity.


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