Nerves, panic and packing!

9 May

I’ve heard it said you should never open with an apology, well I need to. Firstly, yesterday’s blog had several details omitted as it was a hurried effort. Secondly, today’s may be very broken as I will be writing it in bursts between preparing and packing for this weekend’s 40 mile Keswick 2 Barrow.

I am ridiculously nervous and currently sweating in my overheated room, letting all the small jobs I need to do form an insurmountable monstrosity in my mind!

Whilst I know the vast majority of the preparation is complete, added to my current nervous disposition, the smallest tasks are worrying me. Ordinarily, I am not a nervous person, I am very rational and conquer many of my fears using this mentality. My rationality, however, does not extend to quelling nerves about running 40 miles!

Nerves aside, I am doing the best I can to prepare. Many of you might find my build up bizarre; I have continued CrossFit training all week, only really slowing down today. But, in direct contradiction to conventional schools of thought, I have gradually built my body up to training at a certain intensity and frequency, and stopping dead seems wrong. I am hoping my knowledge of my own body and recovery proves correct.

Despite my impending ordeal, I started today as always, breakfast, vitamins and D-Aspartic acid. This was shortly followed by a very busy morning at work. The combined tasks of my day to day work and last minute organisation for the race were never ending. The time for my lunch break finally came, 30 minutes late, and I rushed off to train. Possibly a little crazy, but I wanted to calm myself down and restore a little normality. I followed my PPS Nutrition ritual and headed to the gym. The one massive change for me today, was my new Skinny Chimp had arrived and it was going to be my first training session in it!


Since everyone was busy at work, I trained alone today. This felt strange after several days of training with the FitTrain. Even with the amount of guys now aboard, I couldn’t find any to train. (Though one member was pushing himself on some 400m sprints outside). I settled into the now unfamiliar solitude of an empty gym and set about my workout. Today was a bench press power WOD:

5x 5 reps increasing weight
5x 3 reps increasing weight

A very simple and quick WOD, only taking just over 30 minutes including mobilising. No records today, but not every session is about records. I felt good though and slightly refreshed having cleared my head.

With a busy afternoon at work, and only eating and supplementing on the go, I have changed the layout of my evening last minute. I have just eaten a chicken salad and, as you know, I am packing ready to leave tomorrow morning. I am going back to the gym later to do a SLOW couple of miles, purely to mobilise my legs, before a LONG session on the foam rollers. A plan I really hope works!

One thing I’d like to talk about before I finish, is a little more motivation and inspiration. I used a couple of guys from Team PPS as examples already and hopefully soon I will find the same online family with the Skinny Chimp movement. The guy I am going to use as an example tonight is Lee Duance. Another member of Team PPS and a serving marine, he has interests in CrossFit and paleo. A much closer match to my own methods and ideals may make him seem like an obvious source if inspiration, but his deep interest in the way he trains and eats, the planning he puts into both and his eagerness to share it all with others, inspire me far more. Just follow @leeduance on Twitter and I’m sure you will be inspired too.


For now, I’m going to make myself feel better by getting all my little jobs done, wearing my new vest, rolling my muscles loose and remembering that even on a day like today, I trained well and got a new vest (and phone cover).

I may not be able to blog for a couple of days, signal dependant. I will let you all know how the 40 miles goes as soon as I can and hope until then your training is a complete success.


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