Return to normal(ish)

13 May

Returning to normal after running 40 miles is something completely new to me. With it being unfamiliar territory, I resorted to my normal method; research. As with everything, opinions on the best recovery methods after an endurance event vary greatly. The first thing I did was return to paleo, vitamins and my usual top quality array of PPS Supplements. After travelling back from the Lake District and catching up on diet and sleep, I followed the advice I’d chosen, and went for a recovery run.


4 miles at a comfortable, steady pace, was immediately followed by 40 minutes on the foam roller. Whilst this was very painful, it was more than worth it. I could already walk normally again, a great improvement!

After sorting my kit out after my time away, I went for a quick WOD. This simply consisted of 1 minute double under practise, 10 chest to bar pull-ups, 10 times round.

Many traditionalists would question my recovery techniques the day after, but to give some form of reference, of the 6 of us who competed Saturday, 2 of us did a recovery run yesterday, 4 did not. I’ll give you one guess which two are walking normally today!

So as for today. The day started with a complete return to paleo breakfast, vitamins and D-Aspartic acid. Perfect fuel by the time my lunchtime session arrived. This was:

Skill/Strength (with one of the FitTrain)

5×5 squat clean

This video shows an attempt a 3RM after this, where the third rep failed. Wearing Skinny Chimp vest though, which numbs the pain!

Then WOD



Thrusters at 95lb

My training partner put in a commendable first time effort, I missed my PR by 20 seconds, not great but I’ll live.

A solid refuel of pork stirfry and Nxtgen 5 in 1 then back to work for the afternoon.

This evening’s session consisted of:

5×3 Clean & Jerk

Again no PR but close

And WOD:


Sprint 200m
Recover 200m

This was specifically aimed at improving my leg speed ready for another 1500m race next week. I’m not thrilled at the prospect, so I’m hoping the CrossFit basis of my training comes good once again.


As with yesterday’s run, this was on a treadmill to give my joints a break. I don’t usually like treadmills, but these two days it has been necessary.

After my sprint based WOD, I went to do some core work and found a guy who has followed my advice and already bought one of these only a few days after my first outing in it…


My core work consisted of:

Extreme plank (photo tomorrow)
Pull-up l-holds
Extreme side plank (photo tomorrow)
Seated l-holds

10 seconds of each, 3 rounds.

As I sit here finishing my blog, I am waiting for my meal of roast chicken and vegetables to cook whilst gulping yet more Nxtgen 5 in 1.

The next few days will consist of more mixtures of gymnastic, bodyweight, strength and metabolic conditioning movements combined in as many ways as imagination permits. I will be focussing on core, leg speed and olympic lifting techniques in addition. Also there will be a much greater volume of photos and videos this week so look out! Until tomorrow, train hard, fight easy!


2 Responses to “Return to normal(ish)”

  1. Dale May 13, 2013 at 8:17 pm #

    Great reading Tom, I hadn’t had a read in a couple of days but have now caught up, look forward to tomorrow’s instalment.

    Dale Team PPS

    • bravo4205 May 13, 2013 at 8:18 pm #

      Cheers mate. I’ll make it as good as I can!

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