Return to speed and power

14 May

Today I feel slightly rushed into my blog, with everything finishing slightly later than usual. I am starting at 8:25pm after only just finishing at the gym and whilst still drinking my Nxtgen 5 in 1.

Hopefully the immediate start means my memory is fresh, but we will see. I won’t talk about diet and supplements too much today, however from tomorrow I am hoping to include a daily meal plan with times, ingredients, quantities and supplements from waking to bed. Hopefully this will be a welcome format change?

First thing this morning we had PT. one of the FitTrain needed to do his 1.5 mile run for his fitness test, and I agreed to do it with him. This served two purposes, firstly. He had some motivation on the way round and, secondly, I got a bit of much needed speed work in. Whilst it was not flat out, it all contributes to regaining leg speed after my recent endurance focus.

Today’s lunch time session was a WOD. After mobilising for about 15 minutes, we were straight into it. (Another FitTrain member was doing it alongside me) the WOD concentrated on the quick, explosive leg movements I am going to need.



Run 800m
12 KB Swings 1 pood (16kg)
15 box jumps 24″
20 air squats

I concentrated on explosive movements and maintaining my run speed through all 3 rounds. This was a real sweat buster and felt great. I followed this up with 10 minutes double-under practise; always have a weakness to work on.

Due to having a very busy day and finishing work late, this evening was behind schedule. No matter, I did my planned workout but just later on.

The workout was broken down as follows:

Mobilise for 10 minutes

Skill: OHS at 40kg (Over Head Squat) focussing on full ROM.


5 rounds (no time component) of

3 dead lift
3 snatch

This video shows the second round. My tight legs let my form down a bit on snatch, the catch phase was too high. This did improve somewhat as I increased weight though. This was a much needed session after moving little or no weight for a few days now, I managed to get up towards my 3RM in both lifts.

After this WOD I went onto some core training. Below are photos of a couple of holds I was using, holding for maximum time 3 of 4 times round.

Bench hold


Hanging planche


In addition, I did several sets of extreme plank and extreme side plank. As a finisher, I did some hanging L-Holds and seated L-Holds.

All in all, a great day of training. My speed and power are coming back. My gymnastic holds are improving, especially the hanging planche which I managed for the first time ever. My diet is back on track, all with a huge helping hand from PPS Nutrition, without which I think I would only be managing half the volume and results. And to top it all off, I managed to get my Skinny Chimp vest dried in time to wear this evening. As a result I am off to eat and sleep very content.

As I said, tomorrow will bring full meal and supplement details and will hopefully be littered with many progress videos and pictures. Whatever type of training you are off to do, enjoy and good luck!


One Response to “Return to speed and power”

  1. Noah Matthews May 14, 2013 at 9:11 pm #

    all i can say is, dang man!

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