Every little counts

15 May

Wow, almost 8:30 again before I have chance to write this. But I will soldier on and do my best. As promised, today I am going to describe my food and supplements routine before going on to my training schedule.

0600 Wake up
0615 1x vitamin c, 1x vitamin d & calcium 1 x cod liver oil, D-Aspartic Acid
0700 3x GF sausages, 3 rashers lean bacon, 4 large mushrooms, green tea

1045 Bag of cashews
1230 2 grilled pork steaks, shredded carrot, onion, mushrooms, bacon fried in olive oil


1400 (Before 1st workout) BCAA, SF Xtreme, CCE
1500 (Post workout) Nxtgen 5 in 1
1800 (Before 2ndworkout) BCAA, SF Xtreme, CCE
1935 (Post workout) Nxtgen 5 in1
2000 Pork stirfry

Whilst I like to vary my food, I may have 2 similar meals in a day or over a couple of days to keep costs down.

You will have noticed there are a couple of workouts squeezed in there, so here are the details:

Workout 1:

C&J practise. Pyramid of reps, working down from 5 to 1 increasing weight, then vice versa. This video shows how I am struggling to get a low catch position. I believe this is due to the amount of running I have done recently affecting my flexibility. This is something I am working to correct. Following this I did some more double under training, I will get there!

My second training session started with a dead lift, clean, jerk complex which consisted of 8 minutes of this EMOM (Every Minute On the Minute).

I followed this up with some gymnastic ring training, trying to progress towards a crucifix hold. Not easy, but I am definitely improving!

Today has been hectic, and I have had to steal opportunities to train. As you may have noticed, I didn’t even have time to change for my first workout. The key here though is that ‘every little counts’ it is these snatched moments of training, even the odd 10 minutes, that contribute to progress so greatly. That, and I’d rather train than not!

Tomorrow I am going to do a couple of tabata based workouts, one weights based, one MetCon based. Until then I am off to ogle the upcoming Skinny Chimp range, which I clearly need as my Current vest is in the wash! Enjoy your training, rest and recovery and hopefully I will be able to update you with some progress tomorrow.


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