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18 May

The last couple of days have been a little bit crazy, and have left me little time to train, let alone sit down and write a coherent blog. Whilst I have managed to squeeze in my training, it has often been shorter than planned or a makeshift session. That being said I have made some good progress and new discoveries.

Since my endurance event last week, I have struggled with flexibility during the snatch and clean & jerk. As such one of these lifts, or a component part, has been incorporated into either my strength and skill sessions, or indeed the WOD itself. As you know, I have also been targeting dead lift and double unders this week, no great progress to report as yet, but I will persist!

Whilst I managed 3 sessions yesterday, 1 metcon, 1 power and a WOD, they were all shorter than I would have liked. The WOD being an organised PT session was something a little different though and good to see everyone giving it a go. Some varying results, but a good number are now interested in joining the FitTrain, which is always good. More satisfying though is the current FitTrain members have begun to stand out from the crowd for their efforts and abilities.

My metcon work has mainly consisted of sprint and speed work on my runs, though there has been some rowing too. One of the FitTrain joined me for a tabata based metcon and power session which went well for both of us. Tabata is a great way of training and can be applied to almost any exercise. As an example, our session included dead lifts, rowing, bench press and lunges, amongst others.

Yesterday was the normal mad rush, a lot of work to squeeze in, PT and the weekly drive home. Work was a bit crazy, so PT came as an even more welcome break than usual. As we have the athletics competition next week, this was spent practising discus, hammer and triple jump. As it stands, I am competing in these events along with the 1500m and the 4x400m relay. Quite a diverse range of events, and whilst I am not great at any of them, I think it is testament to the CrossFit methodology.

Yesterday evening, after driving home, I went to a combat conditioning session with my brother-in-law. We worked as partners on exercises like tyre presses, power bag cleans, rope pull-ups, bear crawls, box jumps and battle ropes. Whilst the format of the exercises was a little different, I found a lot of the movements directly translated to what I normally do. A very enjoyable session which I will endeavour to attend in future. I believe the key to its success was the effort put into the planning and setup and the imagination involved. The enthusiasm of the instructor was the icing on the cake, and my week had a happy conclusion.

This weekend will involve plenty of high quality training whilst I get jealous of all the people visiting Skinny Chimp at Body Power Expo, something I will definitely be doing next year!

Training will be starting in the next hour or so, so not long until I start my PPS Nutrition routine and push hard. My motivation this weekend is the regional stage of the CrossFit Games is underway. Just looking at some if the scores amazes me, but it is my aim for next year after all!

I hope you all get chance for some training and you time this weekend ready for a great week. You don’t have to constantly set PRs, just keep working and recovering and enjoy the process.

Footnote: This weekend’s sessions will be recorded and or photographed as the last couple of days have been behind closed doors.


2 Responses to “Train or write”

  1. aregularcupofjo May 18, 2013 at 1:03 pm #

    I think Crossfit is one of the greatest sports nowadays. Just to see how motivated these people are is impressive. I will definitely be watching to get some inspiration for my fitness. Best of luck with everything.

    • bravo4205 May 18, 2013 at 1:04 pm #

      I agree. Many thanks for commenting, these guys certainly inspire me.

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