Food & Fitness

19 May

After a very busy week, I’ve been looking forward to this weekend more than most. Whilst squeezing everything in is always tricky, it’s squeezing everything in that I want to do. Yesterday was a good day for training, spending time with my wife & dogs, and eating good food. Having brought my entire stash of PPS Nutrition products home with me, I’ve been able to fully maintain a good routine.

After a late but very tasty breakfast yesterday, I relaxed for a while before heading to the gym. Fully prepared with SF Xtreme, BCAA & CCE and wearing my Skinny Chimp vest, I was feeling good for my workout.

My warm up was predominantly sprint training, 200m sprint, 100m recovery for 2.4km.

After mobilising and warming up, I went into my strength practise, 5 rounds of 3 squats. Increasing weight each round, to a new 3RM. This video shows my 3 rd round at 120kg. Boosted by a good performance, I confidently headed into my WOD:


8KB Snatch LH 12kg
8KB Snatch RH 12kg
5 Box jumps 32″
10 Thrusters 20kg
8 Burpee pull-ups

A good hard WOD where the weights seem a lot heavier very quickly!

After training, I got showered and changed before heading out for date night with the wife. After calling a string of restaurants to find them fully booked, we finally found a steakhouse with a table. My wife wasn’t thrilled as steak is certainly not her favourite, but both of us were pleasantly surprised. This in spite of the fact neither of us had steak! The spicy chicken we did have was a lovely, healthy meal and all I had to do to make it paleo, was not eat the potatoes.

Today has been an even better day. My wife and I went with friends to a food and drink fair in Malton, a small town half an hour away. In addition to all the cakes, sweets and pies I can’t eat, there was a lot of fish, game, organic vegetable and gluten free products. The nice weather added to a lovely day that saw me buy venison, duck eggs, GF venison sausages and GF black pudding; a lovely change for a paleo enthusiast.

After returning, and charging my problematic phone I headed to the gym again.

My skill/strength component today was the front squat. I did 5 sets of 5 reps, matching my old 3RM for 5. Another good start lead me on to a deceptively difficult WOD.

5 push press
10 burpees
15 T2B

Another sweaty workout, swiftly followed by some core work. Now I’m about to have my venison fillet steaks before the inevitable drive back to work. I hope you all enjoy the glorious weather and maybe get to train in it. For those of you who still aren’t aboard the FitTrain, maybe this will help:



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