26 May

I would love to say that I’ve returned to routine since competing in the athletics but, whilst this might be true for my eating and sleeping habits, it is not true for my training. This is not because I have changed my training, but because over the last year or so I have come to realise routine is the enemy of progress. This theory is firmly echoed by CrossFit followers everywhere. So instead, I have returned to my anti-routine.

Several things have happened in the last 3 days, my flexibility has started improving again, after a little decline, my olympic lift form has improved, and my strength and power training has improved. This might sound like a heck of a lot, but the reality is the improvements are small, for now. In spite of my outlook on fitness, progressing a little at a time, I had become a little disillusioned that my big lifts had all plateaued. Well this blog sees a 1RM increase by 2.5kg and a 3RM increase of 5kg to my bench press. In addition, my weighted pull-ups and dips have both seen new 5, 3 & 1RMs in the last 2 days. Only small increments, but the plateau is broken!

Weighted Dips

As always I attribute this progress to 3 main factors; good supplementation from PPS Nutrition, good food and intensity.

Finding intensity again after an enforced lull can prove difficult, but fortunately this week I was left with little choice. The ever growing FitTrain was mainly to blame, with a trickle of people asking me to train and me happily agreeing! Also, on Friday, the regiment all competed in the monthly Commanding Officer’s run, just under 6 miles of x-country racing by all those fit and able. Whilst I wasn’t looking forward to it, I had none of these type of runs in my legs recently, it forced me into doing what was necessary and with a surprising result…


This was not only my best time for this hilly course but also my best placed finish, a welcome shock.

I am in the fortunate position of having two more days off work, which in addition to some DIY and decorating, gives me the chance to get some quality training in. Having managed a 38″ box jump for the first time yesterday, I am keen to incorporate it into a challenging WOD. I also plan to do some cycling and swimming based workouts, areas I have neglected of late. As for now, I am off to enjoy a BBQ at a birthday party in the sun, whilst trying not to succumb to peer pressure to drink!

I hope you all enjoy your bank holiday, the weather and any training you might be doing!


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