Day of rest

28 May

Today I find myself taking my first true rest day for a while, mostly planned but still difficult to cope with. I don’t like resting, despite knowing the benefits, but at least this time I feel like I’ve earned it.

Yesterday was a good day for training and diet. With BBQ season continuing, I have made the most of the opportunity to eat lots of tasty meat and salad, without the usual nose up- turning at my choice not to eat some foods. Training consisted of a few sprints, a good period of mobilisation, push press to a new 3RM & 1 RM, and the following WOD:

5 box jumps 38″
10 KB swings 1 pood
16 OH Lunges 20kg
20 Thrusters 25kg
25 Burpees
20 thrusters
16 OH Lunges
10 KB Swings
5 box jumps

As promised, i incorporated the new height box jump to challenge myself. This was done with, and scaled appropriately for, my wife’s step brother; a relatively fit guy who’s new to the methodology of CrossFit. He thoroughly enjoyed the session and hopefully will stay on the FitTrain, and start using PPS Nutrition to get the best results possible.

Back to today though, whilst I can think of two dozen or more weaknesses (or more) I could be working on, and an almost infinite combination of movements to form WODs I could be doing, I am sticking to rest. To help me stay disciplined, I have kept myself busy doing housework and even some decorating.


The beginnings of my own private, healthy bar, in a spare room we have at the house. I find doing something productive like this, whilst still eating well, makes not training a little easier. It also allows me to dream about all the PPS Nutrition & Skinny Chimp products I can fill the place with. (Obviously I’ll be wearing the latter).

Another bonus of my day off is the time I have had to think. I have managed to plan the remainder of my week’s training and food, and I have to tell you it is going to be tough. Tomorrow I plan to work on pistol squats and the dreaded double unders, two weaknesses that desperately need attention. My WOD is going to be ‘Jackie’. Having watched Jason Khalipa set a new world record at the CrossFit games regionals this weekend, I’m inspired but I won’t be hitting any 5:02 times!

So what WODs or other sessions have you guys got planned? I hope they’re working, you’re seeing the progress you want and, above all, you’re enjoying it!


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