Reaping the rewards

30 May

The last two days have been fantastic, partly for me but much more for the FitTrain; a group of about ten guys who, to varying degrees and at varying levels of ability, have joined me to train. Their participation, results and progress have varied, but without exception, they have all had an impressive couple of days.

Yesterday began slightly differently to normal, it was early morning training day, which I incorporate once every week or two. I was up at 0530 and took my CCE before meeting one of the FitTrain at 0600 for an 8.5 mile run. Our competitive nature took over, discipline failed and we went quite a bit quicker than we had planned! As we finished, I realised we had run very close to my best effort and not much slower than his; he is a better runner than me.

Once I’d regained my breath, I took my vitamins, D-Aspartic Acid and the always present Nxtgen 5 in 1.

Despite the difficulty of the run, lunch time was fast approaching and I had promised to meet a different 3 members of the FitTrain for ‘Jackie’, a CrossFit benchmark WOD that I’ve been avoiding for a while.

Row 1000m
50 Thrusters at 20kg
30 pull-ups

As the other guys will testify, this is much harder than it sounds. With times varying between 7:30 & 12:10, everyone outdid themselves, making this a great success for all of us. Most importantly to me, the guys saw real progress in their thrusters and pull-ups, especially whilst fatigued.

Yesterday evening was a strength based session. A couple more of the FitTrain joined me for:

Overhead Squats
Bench press

These were all a combination of strength and technique, scaled to suit ability.

Today has been another great FitTrain day. Normal vitamin, supplement and food routine resumed before our lunchtime WOD. This was the mainsite WOD from a couple of days ago:

6 rounds of
Sprint 200m
Rest remainder of 5 mins.

All three of us were close to being sick on rounds 5 and 6, but clearly we were giving it everything we had!

This evening we worked on gymnastic movements and holds on both bars and rings, core holds and movements and finished off with a ‘friendly’ box jump PR competition.

44″ box jump

This was my best jump and, in spite of not quite standing still before take off, I am very happy with the progress from 32″ in 8 months.

All this was finished off with some Nxtgen 5 in 1 and a good stretch.

Before I leave it for the day, here’s my closing thought: I very rarely quote my weights, times, distances etcetera. Occasionally I use examples to illustrate progress or scale, but as a general rule I try not to. The logic is simple, whilst CrossFit is a competitive sport and I indeed workout alongside my friends, I am only interested in beating myself. It is easy to get wrapped up in the scores of athletes posting online, but even easier to forget we are all different. Above all this, I believe it is essential to do all of this for the right reasons, and for me that doesn’t involve beating others. So the message is simple, go training, go hard, and beat the old you but ignore everyone else. Enjoy, and good luck!


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