New things

6 Jun

The last couple of days have seen a switch from PRs and progress to trying new things; an increase in the variety of my training.

Tuesday started much like any other, with a good paleo breakfast, my vitamins and D-Aspartic acid from PPS Nutrition. The latter is a product I have now been using for some time and can thoroughly recommend. As lunch time approached, I prefuelled with CCE, SF Xtreme and BCAAs, all from PPS Nutrition, before heading off for a ‘strongman’ style workout with the FitTrain. The three of us rotated through:

Farmers’ walk
Yoke walk/run
Yoke walking lunges


Tuesday’s other session was organised PT; a functional, improvised circuit. I enjoyed that a lot, and it made a nice change from the norm.

A good day of paleo was soon ruined by a night out, but since this is very rare for me, I am not going to beat myself up too much about it. In spite of this, and feeling quite rough the next day, it was a productive training day. For the first time in about 2 months, I did a swimming WOD. This briefly comprised:

4 Rounds

50 metre swim (alternate strokes)
25 poolside heaves

8 rounds

25 metre swim (alternate strokes)
20 tricep dips

4 rounds

100m swim
20 squats

This made a great change and I really felt the benefits.

Today was a great day, primarily because my PPS Supplements arrived, but also because there was more new/rare training.

My first session was Amanda. A benchmark WOD that I’ve never tried before, mainly because I haven’t been able to.


3 RFT 9-7-5

Muscle ups
Snatch 135lb

Since 135lb is my 3 rep max, I scaled this to 50kg/110lb. Scaling aside, I was just happy to be able to do the amount of muscle ups required to complete the WOD. My time won’t challenge any records, but I was happy with it for my first time.

Another bit of prefuelling and I was ready for my second session of the day; interval training.

4 x 500m

2 min rest

2 x 500m
2 x 300m

2 min rest

4 x 300m

Every lap was followed by a 150m recovery run. Despite severe DOMS preventing me from running the last 2 laps, after some much needed stretching and Nxtgen protein, I feel I benefitted a lot from a type of session I have neglected recently.

My plan for the next couple of days is to target more variety and target some weaknesses. I will hopefully be able to film more WODs while I have a couple of days off work.

As always, I hope you enjoy your training and should you want to ask anything, feel free, on here or Twitter-@Bravo4205.


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