24 Jun

Well I finally have time to write the blog I never thought I’d have to write, and wish I didn’t have to. Regardless of how I feel though, there is little point in writing this if I don’t tell the truth; even when it’s not great.

As you probably recall, the last two weeks have consisted largely of a poor, but forced, diet and highly infrequent training with poor facilities. As of Friday, I had chance to restore normality, almost.

Unforeseen personal circumstances meant I could not train, or indeed blog, on Friday, however Saturday gave me the chance I had been longing for. Conscious of the fact I wasn’t feeling great and shouldn’t go back in too hard, I started with relative caution. I ran 4km at a decent pace before working on pull-ups, muscle ups and olympic lifting technique. Nothing heavy, but it definitely felt good to be back at it.

Along with returning to training, I also got the chance to eat well again. It has not been easy, I am experiencing minor paleo flu again; the lethargy and hunger associated with the metabolism learning to use a different primary energy source. In spite of all this, I am already feeling better.

With a few good meals inside me and that difficult first session back under my belt, I decided to limit yesterday’s training to one workout, but what a workout it was. I took on the CrossFit benchmark ‘Linda’. I have done this WOD twice before, and knew how much pain was to come! I fuelled up with all the usual PPS Supplements and threw in the all new Thermo X.


This potent pre- workout/fat burner gave me exactly the edge I needed to take on:


10 rounds 10,9,8…3,2,1

1&1/2 bodyweight Deadlift
Bodyweight bench press
3/4 bodyweight squat clean

Before workout:


Post workout:


One of the hardest workouts I can remember doing, but certainly one of the most satisfying.

Today has seen a slight increase in intensity. My midday WOD consisted of

3 squat 100kg
6 pull-ups
9 HR Push-ups

Followed this evening by ‘Grace’ with a twist.

30 reps for time

Clean & Jerk at 60kg

However, after 15 reps, I increased to 70kg, and after 25 reps to 80kg. This was followed by a PR equalling 87.5kg after about 5 mins break.

Both WODs have been followed by some much needed core and gymnastic strength work.

Tomorrow I plan to return to 3 workouts, in my quest to return to form. So whilst I have clearly regressed in many ways, I am determined, with a little help from the phenomenal Thermo X, to start progressing just as quickly. It is going to be difficult, but this is certainly not the time to feel sorry for myself or make excuses, quite the opposite!

I will of course keep you up to date with progress and the longer term effects of Thermo X.


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