The groove

26 Jun

Despite not liking the term ‘in the groove’ I can think of no better way to describe how I currently feel training and diet wise. Whilst I started back on CrossFit and paleo on Saturday, the first few days, understandably, felt a little forced and unnatural. Whilst I am not back to where I was two weeks ago (yes it fades that quickly) I am within touching distance.

The last couple of days have consisted of a very strict paleo diet for 6 out if 7 meals and all snacks. I am still experiencing minor starch and sugar cravings, but I’ve been here before and now have the luxury of knowing they will subside. The organic, 21 day matured sirloin steak, organic mushrooms and generous garden salad I have just finished (all for under £4.25) is also reminding me of the pleasures of good, clean food.

Training has also gone very well the last couple of days. Yesterday consisted of a semi-functional circuit for PT, which certainly got the heart pumping, and the benchmark WOD ‘Cindy’. Along with a dedicated member of the FitTrain, we went after solid scores on the outdoor rig. We attacked the entire WOD and both performed well.


20 min AMRAP
5 pull-ups
10 push-ups
15 squats

I managed a strong PR, and my partner on his 1st attempt, put in a very solid score.

Buzzing from this success, today was looking good, and fortunately it was. At lunch, I put in a quick 5km run, aiming for a solid pace and finishing in one of my quickest ever times. Whilst I have been quicker, I’m closer to my best than I would have thought.

With full body DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) ash body readjusts to the volume and intensity of training, I wasn’t expecting great things from this evening’s double header, but with Thermo X and my other POS Nutrition supplements, I was to be pleasantly surprised.


EMOM 20 minutes

1 bear complex start at 60kg up to 87.5kg

Whilst my blog won’t let me paste a link at the moment, I implore you to check out this great exercise on YouTube and give it a try.


3 RFT:

Run 400m
30 sit-ups
15 HR push-ups

I rested about 10 or 15 minutes between these workouts, then another 5 minutes after WOD 2 before attacking my core for 20 minutes.

All in all, it has been a far better 2 days than I could have wished for, and I attribute this in no small part to Thermo X, an amazing pre workout which may well become my favourite supplement. Please try it and let me know what you think.

I hope you guys are finding success and progress in your training and more importantly, fun! Speak soon.


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