Steady progress, but still progress

30 Jun

I’ve had a good couple of days. This blog won’t contain stories of PRs, high number lifts or huge heights jumped. It also contains little in the way of new things, though there is some. So now I’ve very carefully put you off reading any further, let me tell you why I am writing at all. Training, for me, is about progress. Not all of it is glamorous, heroic or designed to thrill, conversely much of it is mundane, slow and difficult. I must say I don’t find it mundane doing it, but someone watching probably would.

So what exactly have I achieved in the last 3 days? Well I have stuck almost 100% to a paleo diet and tried the workout
Jeremy. A great little WOD which we (one of the FitTrain and I) managed to squeeze in a short training gap we had.

I have done quite a bit of strength work in the last few days also, working on my deadlift and olympic lifts, not only in the gym but going through technique practises with a broomstick whilst watching videos on YouTube.

Friday was the monthly 6 mile (it’s actually 5.9) cross-country race at work. As I had the most severe DOMS I had ever experienced in my legs, I decided to take it relatively easy. One of the FitTrain and I went around at about 80% effort, still enough to count as a decent workout.


Whilst this was by no means fast, it served a puropse, and also enabled me to conduct an extended stretching and flexibility session afterwards. Now I know stretching is not as heroic as lifting heavy weights or sprinting, but remember, flexibility and agility are 2 of the 10 component parts of fitness, and two I am poor at. I sincerely believe if you incorporate a mobility WOD per week, or dedicate at least 30 minutes twice a week to your range of motion, your lifts and metcon activities will see significant progress.

I would have loved to go into a difficult WOD yesterday, maybe ‘Fight Gone Bad’ or ‘Amanda’, but since I am visiting my mother and sister, I don’t have access to or time for a gym. This, it emerges, was a blessing in disguise. What I have discovered is Parkrun. This in an international scheme where you can register for free, print a barcode, turn up and run at a local event. They take place weekly, are run by volunteers and will cost you nothing.

The 5km route in Bristol, typically, is ridiculously difficult, with the first 2.5km being almost entirely uphill, and steep too! Needless to say, I broke no records, in fact I ran a much slower time than I would have expected, even with hills. This was largely irrelevant though, it was free training, a lovely day out, a scenic route, and an activity I got to participate in with my sister. All in all, very enjoyable. To give you an idea of the variety of standards, here is the results page from the event I took part in.

So my summary of this 3 day period is simple, take whatever training you can get, it will not always be possible to stick 100% to the plan. Eating well does make you feel better; especially after a period of not doing. Get the right supplements for the results you are afer, not generic, well advertised brands, instead visit PPS Nutrition and if you require, they will tell you which of their fantastic range will help you. I reckon regardless of your training style, Thermo X will work for you, as it continues to for me! If you don’t believe how much faith I have in their products, I can be seen on their ‘About’ page or alternatively you can watch this progress video to see how far I have come so far, using PPS Nutrition as the catalyst.

Hopefully you will enjoy your remaining hours of the weekend, and manage to have a productive training week ahead.


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