Staying the course

3 Jul

As those who have been reading my blogs for a while will know, occasionally my training has to adjust for work. Most recently this happened a couple of weeks ago, when my diet and training went through a really bad patch. Well I’m pleased to announce that today is the first day I feel like I’m back up to standard. Yes I’ve broken a few PRs in the last 2 weeks, but they have taken everything out of me, and my recovery times have slowed.

In the face of DOMS and general fatigue, I have continued increasing intensity gradually, though occasionally I have questioned whether I was doing the right thing. The last few days training have given me new faith in the methods of CrossFit and the best pre workout product I have ever used: Thermo X. This product has come at the perfect time, helping me get back on track and progress again.

As a general guide, the last 3 days have consisted of:

Monday: 2 sessions
Tuesday: 4 sessions
Wednesday: 2 sessions


Strict Muscle Up progression

The above videos are a couple of examples of my training this week. Today I have also done the main site WOD, a great workout which consisted of:

10 rounds for time (10,9…2,1)
30″ box jumps
GHD sit-ups

Both myself and one of the FitTrain gave this workout everything and felt great afterwards.

This evening I did some strength work, hitting a split jerk PR in the process. Whilst this is only one PR in one component part of a lift, for some reason it is this that made me feel like I’m back on form. Thinking about it, I can only attribute this feeling to the fact I still felt fresh after doing it. Whatever the reason, my priority is now to maintain the progress and move forward, avoiding plateaus the best I can.

All in all, it’s a difficult time right now, personally and in my training, but if anything this just makes me more determined. I can only hope you are all progressing well too, and if not, have faith, you will!


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