Quite a day

7 Jul

It seems quite fitting that I talk about Andy Murray today. A lot of you might wonder why. Well I think there are 2 comparisons I can quite easily make. Firstly, one of the attributes Andy Murray is credited with, and one which sets him apart from almost every other player, is his physical fitness. It is well known that this wasn’t always the case, but he has devoted as much time to improving his fitness as any other aspect of his game. The results of this dedication are becoming increasingly apparent. The second similarity I find glaringly obvious is his mental toughness. I probably don’t need to give examples of how he has shown his grit, but for the uninitiated, I may have to explain its part in CrossFit. I’m the first to accept, if you watch an elite CrossFitter take on ‘Fran’ for example, it may not look difficult. But then you try it yourself, even as a dabbler in the fitness world, or maybe a sporting type, and you will join hundreds of thousands who have been humbled before you. So here’s where the mental side comes into play; you know that nearly every workout is going to make you feel like that!

So to get away from the topical subject of tennis, but staying with mental strength, I’ll tell you how today went. I know some of you think I’m skipping a bit, but Friday’s workout was a 5km run in boots, which I treated as recovery, and yesterday was a complete rest day.

Today was planned as 2 workouts, I know I often do 3 or even 4, but this was a little different. Both workouts were going to be epic!


5x400m sprint. 1 min rest between
5x100m sprint. Rest by walking back to start.

I’m sure anyone who has done any form of sprint training will have a little empathy for my dread of this workout; before, during and for a while after. I felt sick after every sprint and the rest periods felt incredibly short. I haven’t done enough speed work lately, and as such my times were a little off. I do, however, feel good for having done it, just about. My second workout hurt even more though, something I hadn’t prepared for!



Quite simply put, I was out of breath and soaked through after 90 seconds. By the time I hit my first minute long rest, I honestly believe I would have stopped without my Thermo X. Not only have I become heavily reliant on this phenom as a pre workout, but the fat loss effects are also becoming increasingly evident.

In brief, in addition to ThermoX, I have stuck to paleo and my other PPS Nutrition products to have a solid all round day. All of this means only one thing, tomorrow will consist of 3 workouts, 2 of which will be heavy. I’m excited, I hope you are too. Meanwhile, best of luck with your training and, like me, I hope you take inspiration from recent sporting brilliance.


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