Listen to your body!

11 Jul

Sounds like a cliche doesn’t it, “listen to your body”. Well yes it does, and it is. But like most cliches, it is also very true. A couple of days ago, I went for a 10km run, and full of confidence I set out after a fast time; not necessarily a PR but a fast time nonetheless. The result:


By my own mediocre standards, this was terrible. The main issue was that I was extremely fatigued, but pushed hard regardless, getting more disappointed with every below par step.

By contrast, I went for a 10km run again today. I set no targets, quite the opposite, I picked a scenic route, turned off all speed and time updates from my app and picked a good playlist. For the first time in a long time I ran for the sheer enjoyment of it, because my body was telling me to. The result:


Now I know what you’re thinking, my body was obviously having a better day today, which is very likely to be true, but today’s time was achieved WITHOUT pushing hard, just relaxing and enjoying. By doing this I achieved my best time in two months. The message I’m trying to get across is simple, yes there is a time and a place to give it everything you’ve got, in CrossFit that’s more often than not, but every now and then you need to relax and let your body enjoy the experience. You may be pleasantly surprised by how well your body performs when you do, I certainly was!

Ok, lecture over (I think I’m just lecturing myself to be honest) and on to the other stuff. All in all it has been a busy few days training wise, I’ve trained hard and a lot. My focus has been on core this week, as a couple of days ago it became apparent that after 2 or 3 weeks of neglect, it had severely weakened. The variety has stayed in my training, with plenty of MetCon, power and gymnastic training, I’ve just increased the emphasis on my core. Tonight’s workout was the culmination of this, and went as follows:

3 rounds, time each round

5 pull-ups
10 dips
15 HR push-ups
20 T2B
25 GHD sit-ups

To give you an idea, I’ve had to lay down to write this, and the 2 members of the FitTrain who joined me feel the same.

One thing that has really cheered me up the last couple of days, is the arrival of my new Skinny Chimp tops. Great to work out in and nice casual wear for the hot weather too.


As for now, I’m listening to my body and it says it wants a bath, so that’s where I’m off. Recovery day tomorrow, but I’ll let you know how Saturday turns out when I chase some lifting PRs.


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