It must be the sun!

16 Jul

Has anyone else found that since the heat wave hit, training has got harder, yet strangely more enjoyable? Well even if it’s just me, that’s how I’m feeling. I’m in my second week off work, so it follows that I have time to train, rest and eat very well. I have taken literally every chance to train outdoors, even if it just involves dragging a rowing machine out the back of the gym.

I’ve focussed on 3 things the past few days; olympic lifting, gymnastics and variety, the latter being the key to my enjoyment I believe. I’ve managed to equal a few lifting and metcon PRs, which on the face of it might seem like a plateau, but in reality, I’m progressing in other areas whilst managing to keep the level constant in these areas.

As an example of a good session, today I dragged a rowing machine and a mat out the back of the gym for my WOD today:

Row 3km
After every 90secs rowed, 20 sit-ups.

A great WOD which squeezed in rowing & core, 2 areas I haven’t included as much recently, so good for variety.

Back to Saturday, I did the benchmark WOD, ‘Grace’. 30 clean & jerk at 135lb for time. Maybe something to do with my PPS Nutrition pre workout mix, or my Skinny Chimp vest, but I hit a very strong PR. A great relief to me, as I’ve targeted olympic lifting recently, and this acted as a good confirmation that it has worked.

On the diet side of life, I’ve stuck almost 100% to this little extract from a Robb Wolf book I downloaded.


I’ve found this very useful, and a simple way to look at this nutritional approach. Robb Wolf is considered, by many, to be a leading authority on, and practitioner of, the paleo diet, and I would certainly recommend, whatever your experience of paleo, that you read some of his stuff, or follow him on twitter.

After a lovely run around Cannock Chase today, more for enjoyment than training, I now look forward to Team PPS visiting tomorrow for a stand at the health fair. I’m sure as ever it will be a great day. For now, enjoy the weather, enjoy trying in it and stay hydrated! A parting picture of me sweaty in my Skinny Chimp after a WOD.



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