Changing whilst maintaining

28 Jul

So here’s my dilemma, the CrossFit Games is on this week, and I have realised that if I ever want to compete at any level, my strength needs to increase, a lot! But that alone is not my dilemma, the thing is a lot of my metcon and gymnastic elements are up to a decen standard, or progressing nicely, and I don’t want to sacrifice any of that for strength.

So far, my answers are as follows:

1) I have started using PPS Nutrition creatine delivery system again, creatine being a product I cycle on and off.

2) I have started doing at least 2 big lifts per day, as their own session in order to give them my full attention. These lifts are either power lifts, olympic lifts or component parts. So far, though it’s only been a week, progress is good with 4 PRs.

3) I have started yoga. I know most of you may be puzzled by this, but it’s simple really; flexibility is preventing my olympic lifts from improving. As an idea, at the games this week, the heaviest Clean & Jerk was 161kg. My current best is 90kg. This is simply not good enough. I’ve only attended one class so far, but have practised some of the stuff since and my hamstrings and lower back are beginning to improve already!

4) I have slightly changed my diet. Nothing drastic, just higher carb foods from paleo backgrounds, e.g. Sweet potatoes.

All in all I am continuing with the same methodology, the CrossFit one, but I am slightly changing my focus within it. I just hope it pays off!

And just 1 little bit of extra motivation, in case I needed it, Skinny Chimp just released their limited edition Banana Camo vest, which I was able to order in time. That’ll make me 1 in 200, which I’m very happy about.

Skinny Chimp Army during push jerk practise:



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